Working In The Carpet Cleaning Industry

Working In The Carpet Cleaning Industry

You would think that carpet cleaning is and easy job; you vacuum maybe shampoo a troublesome stain, and you call it a day! But if you want called a professional carpet cleaner, and get paid well, you should consider listening and working with your seniors in the field. I know it might not be the most glamorous job out there, but it can be a good living and a good way to learn how to keep your own home clean, clear from pathogens, and smelling great, and while at the same time make money on the side or as a source of living.



So you would like to be a carpet cleaner and would like to know what you need to be one. You don’t need anything more than an able body and the capability to learn and do a good job. But it would depend on the company you are interested in working at for additional requirements.

While it would be possible to start your own carpet cleaning service, would be best for you to work in a company that knows the industry and has a few tricks to teach you to; not only clean carpets but acquire and retain clients. Though if you’re the type that has been cleaning at home for years and has a few cleaning tricks up your sleeves, you can give it a shot. Unless you plan to store some large batches of chemicals, there shouldn’t be any special requirements above a business permit and the standard stuff, though I would definitely call your local government office to check (city and state).


Not Just Vacuums And Shampoo

If you want to be a professional, don’t expect only to decrease overhead you will be working with industry grade chemicals and equipment, some form of training would be recommended when using them. In this article we choose not to be too technical with terms though; simply put, the industrial grade chemicals and equipment might look like the stuff you use at home but are actually a stronger version of it.

If you have your own carpet cleaning company, you may choose to use commercial grade materials, but using industrial grade will allow you to have faster results for far less cost. I remember buying an industrial grade shampoo to use at home and used it as if I was using the regular stuff on my car; I used way too much and damaged my paint job. This is because of its industrial grade concentration, what I needed to use was only a third of what I needed to use with the commercial stuff.

The same goes with equipment; they are far more overpowered compared to their household counterparts. Designed to do the job faster and stronger, so training and instructions are a must to experience, which is why I definitely do recommend working with a company and colleague experienced in the field.

Carpet cleaning can be a good way to make a living, and at the same time become a very rewarding one, just make sure you work with the best ones in order to be trained how to do the best job. When you know what you are doing you can either stay on the good payroll of a company or start your own professional carpet cleaning service.