What Does A Promise Ring Really Mean?

What Does A Promise Ring Really Mean?

Promise Ring Meaning:

The great thing about a promise ring would be that its meaning is as unique as the individual using it and as different as the thoughts they think. Promise rings are typically used to symbolize an individual’s firm pledge to become real to either somebody else, a code of honor, or even to a religious faith. The most popular explanation couples exchange promise rings would be to pledge a dedication to getting interested in the future. Usually, the proper engagement might take with it a storm of plans, severe life preparation questions, financial problems, along with likely unwelcome stress from loved ones and in-laws. In this particular situation, exchanging promise rings is a far more personal & much less stressful pledge between the couple. It’s an intimate dedication to some lifelong connection without the circus of marriage programs. Lots of people discover that later in life they cherish their promise rings with a unique nostalgia since it presents the simple beginning of love.

Promise rings symbolizing love may also be provided once the timing of the real engagement and the following marriage might be up to now in the world it seems better to get an intermediary stage which stands for the connection has transitioned from “dating” to one with a lot more meaning and sincerity.

Both females & men are able to use promise rings to symbolize their resolve for one another. Used on the left-hand band finger is definitely the standard finger, a promise ring is often ceremoniously switched to the proper hand whenever the engagement ring requires its location.

Promise RingsChastity Promise Rings

Promise rings that represent sexual abstinence were once mainly used by teenagers but increasingly more parents now are deciding to use chastity promise rings. Numerous females and males believe that choosing abstinence enables them to create better choices about their lives as well as potential partners and will help to avoid them from hurrying into an inappropriate relationship. In order to honor their resolve for finding love that is real, they don a chastity ring In order to remind themselves and likely partners that they’re searching for a very long lasting relationship which the connection is only going to end up physical with marriage.

Very best Friends Promise Rings

At the conclusion of high school, college, and other great transition in life when friends should go their individual ways, lots of men and women purchase matching promise rings and also ask them to customized engraved to honor their unique relationship. At times a school ring is going to have the same meaning. Nevertheless, when buddies desire something unique that’s special for their connection, matching promise rings are a more sensible choice. Whether the buddies are school age or maybe adults who just think a special bond to one another, very best buddy promise rings make an excellent gift.

Friends promise rings may be many in style. Love themed fashion oriented, right-hand rings, gemstones..etc. These rings are generally not used on the left band finger to stay away from romantic connotation. Visit remarkablejewels.com to view more.

Religious Promise Rings

A religious dedication to upholding a faith is usually symbolized with a promise ring adorned with standard religious symbols like an angel, dove, cross, engraved scripture…etc. It’s acceptable to use a spiritual promise ring on virtually any finger. Some chastity promise rings are used on the left band finger to symbolize an entire commitment to one’s confidence until the band is replaced by a marriage band.

Substinence Free Promise Rings

The amethyst stone has symbolized sobriety since the times of the early Greeks so it’s not surprising that an amethyst promise ring takes on particular significance for those who have conquered addictions within their lives. The term amethyst is literally interpreted from a Greek term meaning “not drunken”. Addiction takes on numerous forms apart from alcohol: drugs, co-dependency, gambling, fear…etc. For people who have arrived at a point of the rebirth of their lives when they’re absolutely free from dependency, a promise ring is one way to commemorate their dedication. The band represents their confidence in themselves and their capability to live with no addiction. The promise ring is an everyday celebration and reminder of their courage and accomplishment.