The Competition Between Indie Musicians and Free Torrent Websites

The Competition Between Indie Musicians and Free Torrent Websites

Almost everyone in the world knows a thing or two about torrents. With the constant expansion of the internet comes the tantamount broadening of free downloadables–from music, movies, TV shows, ebooks to softwares as well. If you are, by any chance, someone who loves to turn to torrents for those needs, then PirateBay would be familiar to you. But since it’s rise to fame, the website has gone down a lot of times because of copyright infringement claims. Psnama lists alternatives that you could opt for during those times.

Now, lots of indie bands grumble about the occurrence of torrents, so the reality that it is hard to make some money from music nowadays. There is a well-known saying that moves “If you cannot beat’ em, join’ em!”, and it has never been better than in present-day music business, in case you are able to telephone call it an industry. To be successful in the future, you have to boldly give away free music today.

The most effective way to development is one foot in front of the other person. Do not actually worry about the market or even breaking in anyplace until you create a strong fanbase. When you have that, you have the power. Do not beg the market for a bone. Build your fanbase and you have built your own personal little empire to market to.

The key to generating cash as an indie band is it will not occur for some time. Try letting go of the thought of selling ten dollars CD’s and twenty-five dollars t-shirts to thousands of followers. Provide something at no cost – preferably your complete album for digital download.

“What did he mention? Is he implying we remove our thirty-second low-quality previews and hand out a superior quality download of our album for free?”

I am not only thinking that. I am saying you need to market it. And this is just getting you on the playing area.

Here is a news flash. In case you are those types of bands who release an mp3 on the public, we’re not interested. People want your product and want it free of charge. In case you do not provide it, they are going to Google search for a torrent of your respective album. In case they cannot find a dependable one, they are going to move onto the next band. Consider which. Those’re the cold, hard facts. Do you wish to be on this particular person’s playlist or perhaps not? Being paid is not a choice in this particular case. You will never know who they may turn onto your music.

Think virally.

Be the torrent site. On your official site, you need to provide your full CD in quality that is high in return for an email address or perhaps mailing list signup. This particular manner, you develop your fanbase as your music is downloaded. Tag your site with relevant keywords such as for instance “torrent download” and “free music”. Then promote. There are lots of music and blogs websites who’ll post your talk and link about your album specifically since it is free. Take advantage of this particular. Draft a news release about your free album and mail it to each of the independent music news sources. Any article about your band within the music media may now mention your no cost album and where you can obtain it. Plan on creating an enormous mailing list along with a dedicated fanbase you will haven’t had otherwise.

When you have the fanbase, you have the power. You have made your own personal community on the power of your music, in addition to a portion of these folks would want to purchase items from you – deluxe bundles with autographed posters, underwear, hoodies, vinyl, a poetry book, unreleased tracks, and remix albums. Be creative. When your fanbase is there, promoting actual physical things are a distinct possibility. The trouble is that the majority of indie bands should move in reverse and sell first. You can easily overcome them and the torrent websites by creating your very own torrents.