Live Chat Services – The Bridge Between Customers And Business Owners

Live Chat Services – The Bridge Between Customers And Business Owners

Live chat is fast gaining ground as an essential component for delivering on-demand and remote customer support services. In fact, a recent study carried out by Forrester Research reveals that the uptake of live chat service has almost tripled since last year.

This means that more than half the companies surveyed are incorporating live chat into their internal systems. To businesses, customer support calls are quickly becoming an essential part of their lifecycle management system.

As such, more companies are realizing the benefits of using live chat support tools. With most marketers, today focusing on getting in front of their customers, the importance of customer service has never been higher. Get expert details on this when you head on over to this Visitor Chat write-up.

However, as most customers nowadays expect to be entertained while on the phone, the timescales for interacting with customer service representatives have increased dramatically.

The increasing pressure to take quick action from customers has also meant that representatives find it increasingly difficult to get through to their customers. As a result, they are forced to resort to old-fashioned methods of interaction such as sending emails or fax to retain customers.

However, this can often be very annoying for both the representative and the customer. For a good example, imagine that a representative is trying to resolve a technical issue that a customer is experiencing via email.

The customer continues to be irate because he/she feels that the issue is being ignored and that an appointment is being made to resolve the problem. However, the technical issue can still be resolved by sending an email to the customer using a live chat service.

Although the technical issue can still be resolved, imagine how long it will take the representative to get back to you via email – a few hours if they’ve been in front of the computer for several hours already!

Another example can be seen in healthcare. Nurses and doctors have to work alongside each other every single day. They also sometimes have to communicate with departmental staff and administrative staff at different times of the day.

To make matters worse, departments are sometimes given priority when it comes to queries. To make matters worse, departments are also told to use the live chat service when possible so that they can be reached easily in case of a problem.

In the example given above, you can see that using live chat services can solve both the issues mentioned above. Not only does it improve departmental communication, but it also ensures that doctors can quickly get back to patients in case of a problem.

On the site visitors’ side of things, the interaction with the real-time message can also lead to higher conversion rates when visitors ask questions about products or services on the site.

So can live chat help with customer service? Well, the answer really depends on the situation. Certain companies may actually benefit more than others from having their own live messaging app.

For instance, pharmaceutical reps will benefit greatly from being able to directly communicate with potential customers. These interactions will not only help the representatives satisfy their customers but also allows them to show off the benefits of a particular product.

But what about the other 99% of customers? Will have an im-based messaging app is enough for them? Well, if all customers may only be able to contact their representatives through the written word, no live chat service would be necessary.

However, this may not always be the case. For instance, say the representative is handling an important new partnership for a certain company, but he or she has some questions only be answered by the parent company’s corporate executive.

In this case, it would be highly beneficial for the representative to be able to have a one-on-one conversation with the parent corporation’s top management. With a live messaging conversation, he or she could easily achieve this.

By using a service that uses a web-based application, customers may be able to view the conversation in real-time, and even have the ability to submit their own questions or comment.

By combining the powerful features of a good web-based application along with the exceptional customer support feature of live chat service, big businesses can experience immediate benefits.