Going Green Just Got Simpler with These Ten Easy Ways

Going Green Just Got Simpler with These Ten Easy Ways

Being eco-friendly is the key to saving our planet one small change at a time. In fact, doing little changes in our lifestyle to incorporate green habits can go a long way. Going green is not expensive, so there’s no excuse that you won’t do your part in saving our mother earth. With that said, here are ten tips for you to start your green journey.
Going Digital
We are living in a digital age. So instead of using paper to jot down lectures, why not use an app on your tablet or smartphone. Thus, saving yourself money and helping nature at the same time. You see, paper came from trees, and there are almost millions of trees that are cut down each year just to turn it into paper. So for the new generation, paperless is the real deal.

Reuse & Recycle

For students, one way to go green is to use refillable bottles and reusable lunch boxes. When going grocery shopping, bring your own tote bag instead where you can put all your items to save yourself from using plastic bags. When it comes to recycling things, there are plenty of DIY videos on the web about turning your old unusable items into new ones. Not only you can save your planet, but it will also let you unleash your inner creativity as well.

Waste Management

Waste management starts at home. By segregating your trash in which goes here and there, it equals to a huge contribution on saving our earth. This also applies when you eat fruits as well. Instead of throwing them seeds away, save them where you can plant it for later. Don’t you just love planting a tree one fruit at a time?

Saving Water

Probably the simplest and basic thing in this list is learning how to save water. There are plenty of ways you can do to save water. When washing your grocery’s produce, place them in a tub and fill it with water to wash all of them together. Once done, you can use the same water to water your plants. Limit your time while taking a shower and only wash dishes when the sink is fully loaded.

Be Physical

When you like taking the bus or taxi when going to school or work, why not walk or cycle your way instead? This will help not only your planet but also yourself as well to get your much-needed exercise. It’s a great way to keep your mind and body active while saving mother earth at the same time.

Start an Environment Club

Whether you’re at school or work, you can gather up your friends and form a club together that can help the environment. You can do fun projects together such as a neighborhood cleanup or planting trees on some areas in your city that looks like a barren wasteland. You can also extend your club as well by spreading the news via social media and gather more volunteers.


Today, a lot of us are inclined to our electronic gadgets. Leaving us no time with our families at home or having real-world connections outside. So do your part and start looking away from your phone screens and spend time with one another. Not only you can save the planet one unplugged charger at a time, but you also developed your interactive skills with people as well.

Eco-Friendly School Supplies

Instead of using the same old brand of school supplies. Look for something that has a green label or sticker on it. These school supplies use materials that are not harmful to the environment.

Changing Your Eating Habits

Go green by doing little changes on your eating habits such as reducing your meat intake and going vegan. This will help save animals and keeping your body and nutrient levels at peak at the same time.

No to Plastic

Use paper bags instead of plastic to store things. The more you use less plastic, the greener your household can be. Just like I said earlier, bring a tote bag whenever you go to the grocery store. Keep in mind that a tote bag can also be used elsewhere and not just for your grocery shopping needs.