Broadening Your Understanding on Pipe Relining and Its Importance

Broadening Your Understanding on Pipe Relining and Its Importance

Pipe relining is certainly one of the most cost-effective ways of trenchless maintenance of the existing pipes of a building. This is also called slip lining. The main purpose of this activity is to repair leakages or restore structural integrity to an existing pipe.

There are many reasons that lead to pipeline defects; however, age, environment, and the quality of the existing pipe are the primary causes. Aging pipes usually result in the growth of microscopic tree root structures inside the pipelines.

These root structures cause the pipeline to shut down when pressure is applied to it. Eventually, the pipe breaks and leaks. Pipe breakage can cause huge water damages especially to houses located near storm drains and sewer lines.

Pipe replacement is not only required for leakages or structural damages, but it also acts as a preventive measure against future pipeline problems. Repairs and replacements may be required due to tree roots, rust accumulation, or other reasons.

In some cases, pipes require repair and replacement in just a few months after the cause of the problem has been identified. There are several options for repairing the pipe. One option is to apply a mixture of cement and steel wool to the pipeline.

This combined compound can shrink the pipeline and help repair it. Another option is to use a drain camera to inspect the pipelines for damage. Drain cameras are widely used by contractors for inspecting the condition of drainage pipes.

The presence of tree roots can sometimes obscure the images provided by the drain camera, so a special camera equipped with a bright light is required to view the pipes clearly. With the help of a drain camera, the location of the damaged pipe can be determined. Contractors then carry out the necessary repairs or replacements.

Since most of the pipes are laid underground, excavation is required and this calls for the use of specialized equipment. Drains and pipelines are placed in a pit made of polyethylene or concrete. Since Epoxy Resin is an effective cure for cracked pipelines, the affected area is covered with an Epoxy resin mix.

An irrigation system is used when the damaged pipes have to be relocated. The pipes are placed in a tilted position. The soil is excavated and a heavy crane is placed on top of the soil. The pipes are then lifted up out of the pit and placed on the reel.

The height and length of the pipes are determined by the depth of the pit and the position of the irrigation hole. When repairing a damaged pipe, epoxy resin is applied on both ends. A chemical compound called epoxy is mixed with the resin.

The compound hardens into a solid form, and it becomes impossible for the water to flow through the pipe. As the resin hardens, it starts to fill up the pipes and forms a seal. In an hour or so, the water will stop its flow through the broken pipe.

Pipe replacement is another solution that is used when plumbing gets damaged. It is also known as the repair and replacement of water pipes. The pipes get replaced from scratch and without disturbing the existing plumbing system.

In the case of epoxy pipes, the chemical mixture is left to harden into a solid form and can only be removed using harsh chemicals. Since the chemical would damage the surrounding area, it is strictly prescribed to use professionals for proper handling of the replacement process. For more specific details, please reach out to a representative from Total Relining Solutions.

Another solution is the digging out of the old pipes. Excavators are used to digging the holes and remove the broken ones. These are then transported to a local landfill to be recycled. Another popular option is to replace the old pipes with new ones. The new pipes are dug using a tube-like auger inside the pipes and the broken ones are pulled out manually.

With the help of modern plumbing tools, pipe repair and replacement are now a breeze. If you have a problem with your drainage system and pipes, the best thing to do is to call a professional immediately for help. Some common plumbing problems like breaks, leaks, and damaged pipes can be easily fixed with the help of some tools and equipment.

You might be thinking that doing the repairs yourself is safe, but there are still risks involved and you might end up causing more damage than good to your pipes and plumbing system. It is important that you choose a reputable company when performing plumbing services to avoid accidents like digging up your pipes or ruining them completely.

Before hiring a contractor, ask them about their experience and skills in installing pipes and their past records. To ensure that your pipes will be repaired properly and securely, it is important to get a few quotes from different contractors and compare them. This will ensure that you get the best price for your pipes and plumbing system.